Gear Review Philosophy

As I set out to write a series of gear and clothing reviews for my Happier Outside Tribe, I want to make these reviews a little different...

I want the reviews I do to be of stuff I have used well. Stuff that may, by now, be on it's last legs or had at least a few seasons of adventures under its belt. I may also do reviews of newer versions of products and items that I have previously owned, but only if I can get my own hands on it first to see how it may have changed, been improved (or in some cases, cheapened). I want to review useful stuff - little or big.

I won't use a rating system.

I have owned a lot of my gear and outdoor clothing for more than 5, sometimes 10, in many cases 20 years... and so it all has lots of stories attached to it. I will tell you how I got it - acquired it, bought it, had it handed down etc. I may not be able to tell you where to buy it now, although I will if I can... and if I can find a way to get you a smoking deal, I will.

We will have guest reviewers, and I will ask them to write according to these guidelines, too.

So, if this appeals... check out the posts below! They are all tagged by type of gear, reviewer name and season. Enjoy!