The Sun is Coming


I feel as though my whole year is geared around making the most of long summer days - I truly thrive in the heat, I love the spontaneity, and I relish the shift in attitude and perspective that this season urges me to take...


When it's cloudy and dull outside, it takes full intention to follow through. It's a bit harder to get excited for an after-work dip at the lake with the kids when the sun isn't beating down on my neck and the ripples on the water are more like full-fledged waves...but - go, we must! 


On this summer solstice eve, it's time to take the leap (whether you have done so already or not!) and step into the beautiful unknown that is the world outside.


Wear that swimsuit.

Take off those shoes.

Sign up for that outdoor yoga class. 

Take your dinner to the park... 

Climb a tree. 

Wade in the shallows. 

Stand under a tree. 

Hike that mountain. 

Paddle that Stream. 

Catch that frog. 

Read that book, on the lawn, in your favorite chair... 

There are so many options, and so little time :)!!!  (Go now!)


Much love,

Mish xx