Partnerships Rule.

Partnerships Rule. They inspire. They push and pull. They serve, and they need to be taken care of. I have been thinking about how many of them I have - both in my personal and professional lives, and it's kind of mind-boggling! 

I was inspired to take stock and think about whether I could take on another one this year and it led me down a rabbit hole of self-assessment. Again...(Is it just me, or does everyone do that? LOL).

The inspiration came from a role I am returning to as a PRO Ambassador with Skirt Sports, a kick-ass womens' fitness apparel company based in Boulder, CO. From their #realwomenmove  initiative which serves to inspire Real Women to get out and move, to their beautiful fabrics and excellent fit clothes... I am consistently blown away by the intention and high quality of everything they do. They are committed to getting women of all activity levels, backgrounds, shapes and sizes out and active in gorgeous clothes :).

I probably wear one of my Skirt Sports dresses, skirts, bras or fleeces every time I head outside to exercise, so it's a no-brainer for me to be an Ambassador of this company's brand and products, but also i wanted to explore something deeper in the motivation for me to be involved.

Intention, High Quality, Service. Also: Compassion, Hard Work, Positivity...

I love these traits, and I like to think that I work actively to bring them into my life. Lofty goals, TO BE SURE. And I get it wrong more than I get it right (especially in the flow of the busiest days, or when I am frustrated)... Most days it's hard to consistently keep one or two of them in sight, but when I do, it feels damn good and re-energizes me to keep them in focus.

In thinking about what it means for me to promote Skirt Sports, their mission, and their products I kept finding myself with a smile on my face (or tears running down my cheeks) from reading testimonial after testimonial about the impact they were having on the lives of women all over the US. Women are being inspired every day to move again after heartache, illness, violence, empty nests - but also after seeing their sisters, mothers, friends, colleagues and even complete strangers getting their body moving, feeling good about themselves, and overcoming challenges in their daily lives. So many awesome stories of challenge and success. WOW.

Who doesn't want to be a part of something bigger that is making change in the world? I KNOW I DO. It feels good to be a part of a movement that is so powerful and positive.

At a deeper level this process has gotten me thinking about the other partnerships I have that inspire me to be a better person - as a mom, worker-bee, friend, wife, board member, community member and leader... every day. Many of my partners are women - I have a couple of people I lean on to work through my big picture questions. I think it's rare to find people we can be truly transparent with, and I feel blessed that I have a few of those close by. My husband Sam is my #1 partner for life, and helps me see some of the bigger impacts my thinking and work have on our family and local community, as he is deeply rooted in it, too. Kate and Katy, my Womens Wellness Walks co-leaders - are strong, intelligent, heart-ful medical professionals who also want to do their work deeply and well. Walking and talking with them every two weeks keeps me grounded. I work with an amazing team of men and women in my day job who push me to do high quality, invested work week-in and week-out. In the spirit of true partnership, I know I am a (sometimes crucial) part of the support web for others, too. 

One of my new years resolutions is to be more deeply connected to my people. To my partnerships. This means reaching out, opening my heart, being of service... and it also means advocating for those who I think are doing the kind of Work that matters to me. And so it comes back to my choice to work with Skirt Sports. Yes, they do the work. Yes, it's fun. Yes, it's positive. And yes, it will continue to inspire me, keep me honest, and inspire me to keep moving in the right direction.

I will be posting some more fun insights about Skirt Sports as i learn about them, as well as opportunities for sneak peeks on gear and discounts as I find out about them too so - stay tuned!  In the meantime if you're in a shopping kind of mood, one of the wicked cool benefits of being an Ambassador is that I get to spread the love!

If you go and shop at, use my personal code of 840Somm to get 15% off your purchases. Their products are already less pricey than many of their online competitors, so you'll get products that are cute, will last for years, and at a good price. Woot!

Proud to be a PRO Ambassador for Skirt Sports.Get 15% off at with the code 840Somm (1).jpg